#waxingproblems; Summer Regrowth

One of the hardest parts about hair removal is the re-growth phase.  An approximate 3 week waiting period for the hair to grow can be hard enough in the midst of winter's jean and hoodie season.  In the peak of swimsuit wearing, tank top donning, summer heat however, unsightly hair is just not ideal.  Freshly waxed, smooth as a baby's bottom skin is well worth the wait, but sometimes the funny looks of someone not well versed in the ways of waxing are just too hard to bear. 

How to deal?

Boy shorts and sarongs are an avid waxer's best friend at the beach! 

Capri pants will hide the majority of leg hair.

T-shirts instead of tanks to hide underarms.

Own it!!  The bottom line is the more you wax, the thinner and less visible the hair will become and you can typically hide it more easily.  Waxing is fast becoming the norm so it's a lot more socially acceptable to have some body hair if your wax session is in the near future. 

If you get any strange looks just say, "What? You don't wax?  You totally should!  I know this great place on South U!" 

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