TWL estheticians head to Chicago!!

We're so excited to be doing some waxing training!

The girls of TWL are headed to Chicago this weekend to complete a hands-on training with the makers of Se-Brazil Waxes. While licensed estheticians in Michigan aren't required to continue taking classes, we definitely see the importance of continuing to further our education and keep up on the latest trends and products in the world of hair removal, so this class is perfect!

While we are at the class, we'll be learning about some new types of wax to make our services better and ensure the smoothest, softest, hair-free skin possible.

What does this mean for you, our clients? Even better results, even smoother skin, and all together a better waxing experience! Can't wait to bring our new-found brushed up skills back to The Wax Loft--we'll keep you updated about how the class went!

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