Post Wax Don'ts

There are just a few things that should be avoided for about 24-48 hours after a wax to ensure any further irritation to your skin.  Follow these simple tips to ensure maximum comfort after your service!

  • Avoid applying extreme heat to the waxed area. This includes hot baths, sauna and steam.
  • Avoid tanning!  This includes any outdoor sun exposure and/or tanning bed treatments.
  • Avoid applying fragranced products to the waxed area. This includes perfume, scented body lotions, deodorant/anti-perspirants, cosmetics, or feminine hygiene sprays. Only use professional products recommended by your esthetician such as Finipil or Get the Bump Outta Here.
  • Avoid using harsh abrasives or exfoliants on the waxed area. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, physical exfoliants; such as a loofah or an exfoliating scrub or chemical exfoliants; such as Finipil or Get the Bump Outta here can be used once your skin has calmed down.
  • Avoid applying high SPF sun blocks to the waxed area. Sunscreen chemicals can be irritating to the newly waxed skin. This includes self-tanning products and tan accelerators.
  • Any pinking of the skin should disappear within 6-8 hours after your waxing treatment. Slight pinking is normal and indicates that the hair was removed from the root, rather than superficially broken off, as is the case with shaving.  This is the reason that professional waxing lasts so much longer.

*Remember these post wax tips apply for about 24-48 hours after your treatment.*


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