Introducing Se-Brazil!

Remember this summer when we said we had some exciting news but didn’t tell you what it was?!  Welllllll…….We are so excited to announce that we have officially switched our wax product line to Se-Brazil!

It was definitely a hard decision to part ways with Nufree, as we have been loyal to their brand for 4 years.  Over the years Stacy and I have realized that there really isn’t just one hair type across the board and came to the conclusion that we wanted to find a line that would enable us to customize each wax to each client.  Tada!  Se-Brazil!

We are so excited to be introducing this new product to you.  Clients have already been raving about it.  Not only does the wax smell wonderful, it leaves your skin less irritated, is all-natural and has a low temperature.  In addition, all of the packaging is eco-friendly and is even compostable! 

You might notice a few new tricks up our sleeves and that’s because last weekend the girls of TWL headed to Chicago for a Se-Brazil wax show.  We learned so much about the company itself and their founder and CEO Stephanie Laynes, “The Wax Diva”.  It was really inspiring to see her get down to business in front of a group of estheticians.  Oh and by the way, I got to be a Brazilian model in front of the entire class- with a slight nudge from Stacy I might add!  Although it was super scary to have my lady parts on display for the class, I will say it was a great way to learn technique from The Wax Diva herself!

To our die hard Nufree clients out there, we promise that if you give our new products a try, you will have just as good of results and get waxed with the same efficiency and speed that you have grown to love from the The Wax Loft!

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