How much waxing does TWL do anyway?

We often get asked what our most popular services are. Without a doubt, our two biggest services are the Brazilian wax and the Eyebrow wax. Eyebrows are of course front and center on the face, and most people do some kind of maintenance, so it’s obvious why we do so many brows. More and more though, the Brazilian has become a very popular and sought-after service. Most of our clients love the lasting hair-free results of a Brazilian and the clean feeling it provides, along with a feeling of confidence that nothing is poking out down below in that swimsuit!

So how many people are getting Brazilian and Brow waxing at The Wax Loft? Well, we just did a quick tally of the past (almost) 4 years of hair removal at TWL. We opened in late December of 2009, and with two estheticians waxing we have done a whopping 5,531 eyebrow waxings, and 4,863 brazilian waxes! 

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