4 Common Waxing Worries Debunked

If you haven’t ditched your razor yet and started waxing to get rid of unwanted body hair, the question is: What are you waiting for? Don’t let worries or fears stand in your way. The fact is, most people new to waxing have some fears or concerns before their first time and that’s perfectly normal.

And it’s OK! We understand. We’ve seen it all and heard it all.

The professionals at The Wax Loft http://thewaxloft.com/ truly believe that waxing is the way to go when it comes to hair removal. We’d love to help you on your path to smooth, hair-free skin so let us put you at ease with these 4 Common Waxing Worries Debunked:

The worry: You’ve seen it in the movies: The huge strips of wax being mercilessly ripped off an unsuspecting person, followed by exaggerated howls and tears.

The truth: Professional waxers (technically, we’re estheticians) know what we’re doing. The products we use and our technique allows us to remove unwanted body hair with minimal – if any – discomfort.

Guys, we’ve got your back. And ladies, seriously, have you ever nicked your knees or ankles while shaving? That’s the gift that keeps on giving. Waxing, on the other hand, is a smoother and longer-lasting solution. Waxing isn’t as painful as you may think, and it’s quick – and we’re here to offer tips http://thewaxloft.com/content/secrets-almost-painless-wax to make it even less uncomfortable.

The worry: You’re in a room with someone you don’t know, legs in the air, trying to make conversation while not thinking about your level of nakedness.

The truth: Your comfort and modesty are our No. 1 priority at The Wax Loft. Plus, this is a professional beauty treatment and we treat it as such!

You may feel awkward getting bare (depending on what you’re getting waxed) but trust us – we aren’t judging. We’re professionals and we see this every day. We don’t even think about it. Our estheticians are licensed and certified, and we’re ready to put you at ease while removing your unwanted body hair http://thewaxloft.com/services_prices quickly.

The worry: You’ll have to go back constantly to stay smooth.

The truth: Getting a wax is like any other beauty treatment, such as getting your hair cut or colored, or your nails done. It makes you feel good, and pampered, so you’ll actually look forward to your next visit at The Wax Loft! http://thewaxloft.com/

You pay for razors and lotions to keep your skin silky smooth, not to mention the time it takes every day to shave. How nice would it be to not worry every single day about making sure you’ve taken care of that unwanted hair before you go out – and only have to think about it every few weeks or so? And, just ask us about ways to make your wax last even longer! http://thewaxloft.com/content/how-make-your-wax-last-long-possible

The worry: Waxing will make your hair grow back thicker. Or darker. Or both. And it will come back quickly.

The truth: Nope! It’s a myth that getting rid of unwanted hair makes it come back with a vengeance. Actually, regular waxing provides benefits to making your unwanted hair less annoying.

Generally, you’ll be able to go from 2-6 weeks between waxing, depending on how quickly your hair grows back. After your first wax, hair typically grows back finer and sparser – so it’s less to manage. And the more regularly you wax, the more the hair growing back will continue to be sparser! So, stopping in for regular beauty treatments at The Wax Loft http://thewaxloft.com/ can truly tame that unwanted hair.

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