4 Common Waxing Worries Debunked

If you haven’t ditched your razor yet and started waxing to get rid of unwanted body hair, the question is: What are you waiting for? Don’t let worries or fears stand in your way. The fact is, most people new to waxing have some fears or concerns before their first time and that’s perfectly normal.

And it’s OK! We understand. We’ve seen it all and heard it all.

Treating Ingrown Hairs

It is important to know that ingrown hairs can happen whether you shave, wax, tweeze, sugar, or depilate. Equally important is knowing how to treat these pesky bumps so they don’t turn your pretty hair-free areas into painful, itchy, irritated, unsightly areas.

Introducing Se-Brazil!

Remember this summer when we said we had some exciting news but didn’t tell you what it was?!  Welllllll…….We are so excited to announce that we have officially switched our wax product line to Se-Brazil!

It was definitely a hard decision to part ways with Nufree, as we have been loyal to their brand for 4 years.  Over the years Stacy and I have realized that there really isn’t just one hair type across the board and came to the conclusion that we wanted to find a line that would enable us to customize each wax to each client.  Tada!  Se-Brazil!

TWL estheticians head to Chicago!!

We're so excited to be doing some waxing training!

The girls of TWL are headed to Chicago this weekend to complete a hands-on training with the makers of Se-Brazil Waxes. While licensed estheticians in Michigan aren't required to continue taking classes, we definitely see the importance of continuing to further our education and keep up on the latest trends and products in the world of hair removal, so this class is perfect!

#waxingproblems; Summer Regrowth

One of the hardest parts about hair removal is the re-growth phase.  An approximate 3 week waiting period for the hair to grow can be hard enough in the midst of winter's jean and hoodie season.  In the peak of swimsuit wearing, tank top donning, summer heat however, unsightly hair is just not ideal.  Freshly waxed, smooth as a baby's bottom skin is well worth the wait, but sometimes the funny looks of someone not well versed in the ways of waxing are just too hard to bear. 

How to deal?

Boy shorts and sarongs are an avid waxer's best friend at the beach! 

How much waxing does TWL do anyway?

We often get asked what our most popular services are. Without a doubt, our two biggest services are the Brazilian wax and the Eyebrow wax. Eyebrows are of course front and center on the face, and most people do some kind of maintenance, so it’s obvious why we do so many brows. More and more though, the Brazilian has become a very popular and sought-after service. Most of our clients love the lasting hair-free results of a Brazilian and the clean feeling it provides, along with a feeling of confidence that nothing is poking out down below in that swimsuit!

Tips for a Great Brow Wax

Eyebrows.  We all have them; we all prefer two to just one :-).  Sometimes we need a miracle; maybe one is thicker than the other, maybe we over tweezed, maybe one has a high arch and the other is rounded.  Let's face it; we all want perfect symmetrical brows.  The reality is that brow shaping is a tricky business and Stacy and I are estheticians, not magicians!  So, before you arrive for your next brow appointment, follow these simple guidelines to help make your service as seamless as possible.


1. Communicate Your Vision

Post Wax Don'ts

There are just a few things that should be avoided for about 24-48 hours after a wax to ensure any further irritation to your skin.  Follow these simple tips to ensure maximum comfort after your service!

How to make your wax last as long as possible

We all enjoy smooth, beautiful, hair free skin and know it’s an investment to keep it that way. But how can you get your investment to last as long as possible? We have a few tips to help you get the most out of your wax and help it last.

TWL welcomes Rachel P. our newest esthetician!

We are excited to announce a new addition to TWL's team- Rachel P. will start next week as our new esthetician!  We have to admit, it was hard coming to the decision to bring someone new on, TWL is our baby and we feel very protective of our clients and their skin!  However, after meeting Rachel we instantly knew she was the perfect fit. 


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